New Lenox Illinois taps MunicipalCMS for branding integration
Posted on Monday August 21, 2017
With a new brand strategy in hand, New Lenox, a long-time MunicipalCMS client, knew exactly how to go about implementing the strategy online...ask the e-government experts at MunicipalCMS.
While a lot of communities venture down the path of defining a brand and developing a new logo, many fall short when implementing the new branding strategy on a widespread basis.

Recognizing the importance of a unified brand and consistent image, the Village of New Lenox turned to MunicipalCMS to update its website with the new logo and a whole new look-and-feel to go with it.

With the branding guide in mind and input from village staffers, MunicipalCMS created a new design that quickly transformed the village's site to reflect the new brand.
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