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At MunicipalCMS, we know the importance of appealing design, well-organized content, and intuitive navigation. We know how to capture the essence of your community and convey that sense of character throughout your website.

Our custom designs help you market the uniqueness of your community to promote tourism and economic development while keeping your citizens informed and engaged.
Agenda and Minutes

MunicipalCMS makes posting agendas, packets, minutes, and even video a breeze, helping you keep your citizens informed and involved.

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Easy to Update
With a web-based system that requires no special software and no programming skills, MunicipalCMS enables your non-technical staff members to take an active role in updating your websites.

Our intuitive e-government tools help you manage information and communication with ease. From agendas and minutes to bids and jobs, we have the tools you need to manage your online information.
Built to Last
MunicipalCMS websites have guaranteed access to new tools and features at no extra charge. With a nation-wide client base of city and county governments, we have our finger on the pulse of government technology--constantly rolling out new tools as technology evolves.

And with our free design refresher, your website will never grow old again!

Online Editing
- make updates any time, from any
computer with internet access

Administrative Controls - Restrict editing privileges by department, page, features, and more

E-government Tools - Built-in tools for managing agendas and minutes, posting jobs and bids, submitting online forms and applications and more.

Community Interaction - E-Notifications, surveys, polls, Request Center, and more provide two-way communication to better serve your community’s needs.

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